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Forums: Suggest a Retro Video Game to Review


Games, we love em and they’ve been around for centuries. Eventually games came to our screens in innovative consoles and computers and that’s what this post is all about!

Do you remember switching on your Megadrive to see your game isn’t loading and dust was the culprit? Did you get frustrated at having to spend more money on a 4 Mb memory card as you don’t want to delete any of your saves on the Playstation or having to buy the official Sony Playstation Magazine so you can play the latest demo’s? Wasn’t it frustrating? Yet, these consoles at the time was the ‘next big thing’ and we loved them.

Starting this Sunday, we will be going back to our roots and looking into them original games we all loved so much and we want your input!

We at the Palace want to hear about your favorite games. The game will be played and given a review and rating. This is a chance to re-live old memories and remember what we loved about these games in the first place.

Just submit a reply on the forums Here and you could see your game reviewed on the Palace of Wisdom.

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Pete Morgan is a Linux Enthusiast who does like a bit of gaming too. He serves as a Writer, Podcaster and part-time Fire-Spinner for the site.

One Response to Forums: Suggest a Retro Video Game to Review

  1. Craleft says:

    The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge

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