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Published on January 13th, 2013 | by Pete


NVIDIA’s Project Shield

With the recent Consumer Electronics Show we’ve seen many new announcements. One of which is Nvidia’s Project Shield. It does look like a screen super-glued to a controller, However Shield will run on Android and by the newly announced Tegra 4 mobile chip.




Shield is promised to give a full android gaming experience and to have the capability of streaming your catalogue of Steam games directly from your home computer through ‘Big Picture.’

Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, showed us all the capability of Shield playing Need for Speed: Most wanted and Assassin’s Creed III with no error or lag. The only thing that you will need to use shield (other then the device itself) is a keplar-based Graphics card, anything from the GTX650 or higher should do the job!

The Shield offers a 1280 x 720 screen and can also output to a standard 4k TV. There is currently no word on pricing but you can keep updated here.


Source: Engadget, Nvidia


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